Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky - HOT & SPICY



HOT & SPICY Flavor Vegan Jerky  - Shitake Mushroom Power!

Available in 6-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack


Shiitake Mushrooms, Water, Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce (Water, Non-Gmo Soybeans, Sea Salt), Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Licorice Root, Non-Gmo Vital Gluten (Wheat Protein), Seaweed Extract, Unrefined Evaporated Cane Juice, Non-Gmo Isolated High Fiber Soy Protein, Sea Salt, Natural Vegetarian Spices. No Msg Added.

Voted Best New Vegetarian Snack by VegNews, our Primal Strips are also the favorite of protein hungry bikers, climbers, and outdoors people. Look beyond snacking and try cutting them up in salads, stir frys, and burritos, or even served hot on sandwiches. Kids love them in their lunch boxes and as mid-day snacks.

Primal Strips are delicious, healthy, meat alternative snacks providing the positive health benefits of Soy, Seitan and Shiitake Mushrooms, all with full meaty satisfaction.

Primal Strips- Best tasting, best textured, meatless jerky at the lowest single-serve price on the market.

Customer Reviews

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Brad T.
Excellent Product and Customer Service

I've been enjoying the Primal Spirit Foods vegan jerky sticks (Hot & Spicy Sweet & Savory, and Thai Peanut) since 2013, and that was before I transitioned to a vegan Whole Food Plant Based eating style. I found that their products are a nutritional "snack" that has the texture and flavors that I like and are within my dietary eating style. We buy these jerky sticks in the 24 pack cases! That being said, I recently discovered an issue (First time ever!!!) with one of the purchases, and sent an email describing my concerns about the product along with accompanying photos. My email was answered promptly with sincere and genuine apologies, and the issue was handled in a generous manor. We will continue buying these products and would encourage anyone to try them regardless of their eating style.

Some Jerk(y) on the internet
Shiitake mushroom? Is anything but s#**. More like bestake Mushroom

Good taste and good texture. Wasn't tough to bite into at all unlike some of the other products. Shiitake mushroom is my favorite overall. And I've tried them all.