David Summers

"Mountains, climbing and sustainability are my passions. I live and breathe these things. Accompanying my love for the planet is a sincere desire to be kind to those who inhabit it and do all that is within my power to make it better for future generations. This is why I am a vegetarian. I do not believe our population can be sustained with the current amount of animals humans are consuming. There simply is not enough land. We have wiped out numerous species and continue to endanger many more. Then there are the health benefits of being a vegetarian. Not only do you chances of becoming ill with hundreds of common diseases drop significantly, you also feel better. I know this because I grew up eating meat and since I became a vegetarian, nearly 3 years ago, my energy levels have risen, my overall mood has improved and my endurace and stamina have increased. One important piece to being vegetarian is taking care of yourself. That includes exercise, not eating processed foods, and sticking to a diet high in the nutrients we humans need to survive and thrive.

In my travels I have climbed many mountains. My most recent adventure was to the top of Denali Mountain in Alaska (20,320ft). The cold weather and hazardous terrain certainly presented a challenge. However, we persevered and summitted. I climb mountains for more than just climbing mountains. I am currently involved in an organization based out of my home town, Boulder, CO called Climb For Colon Cancer. We are a group of wild climbers and mountaineers from the Rockies that have lost many dear people in our lives to colon cancer. Our mission with this non-profit is to raise awareness, promote prevention, and help fund research for this deadly disease. Primal Strips is helping us not only offer red meat alternatives to our supporters but also do what we love without the need for meat. If you would like more information or would be interested in donating or getting involved please visit our website WWW.CLIMB4COLONCANCER.ORG.

I also run a company in Boulder called Ecosyste.ms. We support businesses with both sustainability consulting and commercial energy efficiency project management. Sustainability requires a holistic view of one's operations as well as long-term determination to succeed. We take the complexity of energy efficiency out and create simple, sustainable and affordable solutions for your business. Join me and Climb For Colon Cancer next year on our adventure to climb Ama Dablam (22,349ft) in the Nepal Himalayas."