Elizabeth Jankovic

Primal: Tell us a little about yourself! 

I’m NYC based and have been vegan for 8 years. I’m an actor and model, do social media content part time, and run my own vegan food page @elizabethisvegan!

Primal: How does your vegan diet and lifestyle define you and enhance your life? What brought you to veganism? 

I’m super passionate about the animals and environment. While I first discovered veganism through health reasons when I was trying to eat a better diet, I’m now vegan due to the animal cruelty and negative environmental impact the food industry has on our planet.

Primal: What’s your favorite Primal Vegan Jerky flavor?

Thai Peanut & Hot and Spicy, Sweet and Savory!

Primal:  How does plant based protein - including Primal! - factor into sustaining you in all realms of your life and work? 

Plant based protein is definitely a priority for me. Anything soy based or high in vegan protein like pea or wheat protein is a plus for me — my schedule can be unpredictable and sometimes I’m on the go or on set for a while and need to fuel up! If I’m heading to a shoot or film and not sure what the plant based protein looks like, I’ll slip a protein bar or something like Primal Vegan Jerky in my bag (because to be honest, sometimes I want something savory). It’s also a great afternoon pick me up if I feel like I’ve been lacking protein or need a good boost.

Primal is a great way to get plant based protein in — efficiently and deliciously!